Rumoured OCD sufferers

I’ve been surfing the net again looking for celebrities who suffer from mental health problems. As usual, I’m finding little success finding people with confirmed OCD. However, I thought I would compile a list of those I’ve seen rumoured to have it to see if anyone can confirm or deny.

David Beckham
Katy Perry
Charlize Theron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Cameron Diaz (I think she’s now said she doesn’t clean the doorknobs anymore, so not sure how real her OCD is)
Donald Trump
Alex Baldwin
Charlie Sheen
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Billy Bob Thornton
Woody Allen
Roseanne Barr
Justin Timberlake
Rose McGowan
Jane Horrocks
Martin Scorsese
Harrison Ford
Penelope Cruz
Megan Fox
Steven Gerrard
Jeremy Kyle
Tim Howard

If anyone can shed any light on the above (especially links confirming actual OCD), I’d love to be able to add those with this condition to this page as it’s looking a bit bare at the moment. From what I can find so far, I think a lot of them are referring to it in that ‘a little bit ocd’ way which we all know isn’t true OCD. Some are trivialising the condition as it sounds like they prefer things to be tidy and what goes through their heads when facing a ‘situation’ isn’t clear, or others who say ‘since I had the kids I didn’t have time for that rubbish’. However there are a few, like Megan Fox, who may have the genuine thing.



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