Poll – Mental Health in families

Even before I studied Psychology I always had an interest in the subject. One of my favourite debates is “nature vs nuture”. I will say here, I don’t think anything is solely one of the other – I think it’s a blend of factors.

However, interacting with lots of people on Twitter with mental  health problems has got me thinking. How many of them have family members with a mental health issue? Whilst this won’t tell me whether the cause of their’s is genetic, or because they’ve grown up surrounded by it; it will get the ball rolling.

I’d be really grateful if you could spend a few seconds completing the poll below and sharing it with your friends / contacts.

Many thanks!


2 comments on “Poll – Mental Health in families

  1. I think you need an option on the second quiz for “both” because I think a family member has the same, the others different.

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