Helpful hints

Having explained what forms my OCD takes I thought I might share a few things that help me in my day to day life. Hopefully they might be of help to you or someone close to you:

1) Tell someone, family or friend. Can be the hardest but the relief that you can just be yourself around that one person is incredible

2) Keep the mind busy. Either through complicated tasks that have to be thought through or tasks that absorb. I find doing a jigsaw, sewing, gardening, light exercise, baking, sudoku, polishing , all really helpful in suffocating the bad thoughts. It helps if you get a sense of achievement at the end.

3) Don’t shut yourself off from company – even if they don’t know what’s wrong. Company is essential for my metal well being. Not constant, but regular contact.

4) Sleep. Plenty of it. My medication makes me sleepy so I need a bit more. A tired mind can be dangerous to itself.

5) If, like me, you’re on medication remember to take it.

6) Accept it if you’re having a rough time. Know you’ve been there before and it does get better.

7) Write a diary. This helps you get things off your chest (& not just about your mental health issue). It can also act as proof of your troubles bring cyclical or remind you how you got out of the last rough patch.

8) At bad times avoid putting yourself in the worst of places. You don’t need the added stress of trying to cope. You can go there when you’re feeling better.

9) Try and add some fun or laughter in to your life every day. Laughing really is good for your health. You Tube has a great collection of ‘laugh out loud’ videos just like this one:

In general, don’t beat yourself up. You’re a person, unique and special in their own way. Take things step by step if necessary. I would love to hear other tips and hints about how other people cope.


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